Eximcorp Table System  - Modular Formwork System

Eximcorp Table System

System Information: 

Eximcorp Table System is a pre-defined and designed system of formwork Tables assembled on ground according to assembly drawings together with H 20 Beams used as secondary and primary member. It is a moveable system with the aid of trolleys on the same floor level or to higher levels using the lifting equipment attached in Tower crane. Its ease of mobility makes it suitable for any multi-level Flat slab casting projects. The system is delivered with H 20 Beams, Galvanised or painted CT prop having load bearing of 20 KN in full extension, uniquely designed Table head etc. that makes the table perfect. System is delivered with Transport fork, Semi-Automatic Shifting Trolley.

Eximcorp Table System  - Modular Formwork System

Advantages of Eximcorp Table formwork System

• Ready to assemble and use with all correspondent accessories,
• Speeds the concrete pouring
• Ease of movement
• Reduces the wastages
• Accuracy in level alignment of different Tables
• Customised Table sizes

What does our promise of Efficiency mean to you

• Products that improve your cost, material and energy efficiency
• Reliable and timely deliveries
• Local knowledge, support and service
• Solutions for every formwork application
• Proven and documented technical data and environmental statements


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