Eximcorp Classic- Tailor made Formwork system

Eximcorp Classic
Formwork System

Eximcorp Classic- Tailor made Formwork system

Eximcorp Classic Formwork System is a tailor made formwork which is designed according to the shape of the structure. This is a combination of Timber H20 beam and standard steel parts such as multipurpose steel Wallers, Flange claw assembly, Tie Rod and other connecting parts. System uses world class imported Birchply H20 beams which is durable than any other H20 beams available in the market. Steel products are fabricated according to the standard quality procedures. This formwork system normally requires lifting equipment to operate. Based on the engineered Bill of Quantities it comes as loose parts to the project site for assembly as a panels based on the assembly drawings.

It is fabricated to strictly meet the rigid specifications designed for the project with accuracy. Also, classic formwork suits to create any shape that has irregularity and complexity in its design form. Classic Formwork system is suitable to build special concrete structures where fair finish concrete surface is desired.

Eximcorp Classic- Tailor made Formwork system

Technical Information:

The system is ordinarily designed with the load capacity of 50 KN/M2 fresh concrete Pressure for wall and 80 KN/M2 for Column but, it can also be increased according to the exigencies peculiar to project. Site lifting arrangement is however necessary to handle the system. The system requires H-20 Beams in the length corresponding to the height of the panel as co-product with following properties:
• Height-200 mm
• Flange width-80 mm
• Shelves thickness-40 mm
• Web thickness from 27mm to 24mm
• Weight-5 kg/m
• Allowable bending moment m = 5.0 kNm
• Allowable transverse force Q = 11 kN
• Flexural Rigidity EI = 450 kN.m2
(Note: The System is delivered with prop system for accurate instalment and alignment verticality)

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