Pinepanels Formwork MDO Plywood

Pinepanels Formwork MDO Plywood with Arclin™ Readyform 3323

Pinepanels Formwork MDO Plywood with Arclin™ Readyform 3323 MDO Plywood from Palmasola Brazil is the No.1 high performance panel choice for formwork applications where a matte concrete fair finish is desired. Pinepanels Formwork MDO Plywood with Arclin™ Readyform 3323 concrete form overlay is an MDO which represents the industrial standard in concrete form overlay performance. The reverse of the panel has a 125 gsm dark brown phenolic film which acts as a moisture barrier and can also be used as a formwork surface as any other Film Face Plywood. Using an advanced resin formulation, Pinepanels Formwork MDO Plywood with Arclin™ Readyform 3323 significantly increases performance in engineered wood products for reusable concrete forms.

Pinepanels Formwork MDO Plywood with Arclin™ Readyform 3323 MDO conforms to requirements of the U.S. Product Standard PS1-95 for Construction and Industrial Plywood to provide a smooth surface on engineered wood substrates to allow multiple re-use of panels in concrete pours.

Pinepanels Formwork MDO Plywood with Arclin™ Readyform 3323 MDO Plywood for construction use also meets the European Union Construction Product Directive EN 13986 CE2+ to structural level.

Pinepanels Formwork MDO Plywood with Arclin™ Readyform 3323 is superior to conventional Film Face Plywood

The quality surface of concrete comes from MDO’s ability to mask imperfections and reduce the transfer of the wood grain onto the concrete surface. The result of using a medium density overlay is consistent color and a smooth finish that is ideal for painting or coating. The ability to reuse the MDO panels several times means more pours with each panel significantly lowering labour and material costs and reducing jobsite waste.

Why choose Pinepanels Formwork MDO Plywood with Arclin™ Readyform 3323

  • More pours than conventional Film Face Plywood.
  • Surface-enhancing properties including water resistance, chemical resistance, wear resistance, resistance to alkaline exposure
  • Cuts without end splitting and slivering
  • Edges are sealed to resist water absorption
  • Uniform and consistent matte finishes results in reduced finishing and repair costs
  • Minimizes vibrator damage
  • Excellent for reengineered systems
  • Reusable-long life-cycle performance
  • Good load bearing properties
  • Accurate dimensional tolerances
  • Easy to clean panels for extended reuses
  • May contribute to LEED credits as part of waste reduction strategy

What does our promise of Efficiency mean to you

  • Products that improve your cost, material and energy efficiency
  • Reliable and timely deliveries
  • Local knowledge, support and service
  • Solutions for every formwork application
  • Proven and documented technical data and environmental statements

Technical Information Pinepanels Formwork MDO Plywood

Physical Structure: EN 13986 CE2+

Durability: BSEN 636-2

Glue Line: EN 314-2 Class 3 Exterior E1

Mechanical properties of Pinepanels Formwork MDO Plywood with Arclin™ Readyform 3323

Pinepanels Formwork MDO Plywood with Arclin™ Readyform 3323
A Properties of Plywood
18 mm ply
As per Test Certificate
Young's modulus
N / mm2
Mean Modulus of Elasticity II in N/mm2
Allowable bending stress
N / mm2
Mean Bending Stress II in N/mm2
Allowable shear stress
N / mm2
Shear  Stress II in N/mm2
B Allowable Strength Properties        
Safe bending moment capacity  
kNm / m
Safe shear capacity  
kN / m
kN m2 / m

The MDO panels are constructed with the grain direction of the outermost (face) veneers running parallel to the long edges of the panel. Therefore boards should always be used with the long edges parallel to the span direction to minimise deflection of the shuttering.

Storage Advice for Pinepanels Formwork MDO Plywood.

When first exposed to the prevailing weather conditions at Site and during the early uses of the boards, there is likely to be some localised swelling of the wood veneer caused by moisture pickup, which may leave impressions in the face of the concrete. To prevent this:

  • Store the panels in dry conditions, flat on a level surface, off the ground and direct sunlight, preferably indoors or under the shed.
  • Panels should be store horizontally on a firm base with enough bearers to prevent sagging.
  • The stacks should be covered k to protect top and edges from moisture penetration as fluctuations in temperature and humidity may cause panels to distort.

Pinepanels Formwork MDO Plywood Form preparation

Pinpanels Formwork MDO Plywood with Arclin™ Readyform 3323 is protected with edge paint to reduce moisture penetration. If you cut or drill the panelsor the edges are worn out, make sure to paint all cuts and holes with suitable acrylic paint.

Cutting of the plywood should be carried out using a fine toothed saw to minimise break out of the wood veneer or film on the back of the panel.

Likewise, tie-bolt holes should be piloted and then drilled from both sides, not drilled right through from one side only. All cut edges and tie bolt holes should be painted with at least 2 coats of water resistant paint.

Apply a suitable filling compound or mastic to joints between panels to minimise grout loss. For best results, the plywood should be fastened to the form from the back of the panel.

Pre-treat the formwork panels liberally with a suitable release agent before every use to ensure cleaner striking of the forms and more reuses.

Seal screw holes with silicone to prevent moisture absorption.Clean the panels carefully after every use.Handle panels with care to get maximum reuses possible.

Reuses Formwork MDO Plywood

Typical number of reuses is likely to be in the range of 30-50 times. The actual number of reuses will depend on several factors other than the plywood. However, this will vary according to many different factors including good site practice, the required concrete finish, the amount of care taken when compacting the concrete, handling and storage of panels, type and quality of release agent used on the panels before concreting.

The number of times the plywood can be reused is only intended as an approximate guide. It does not imply any form of warranty.


Eximcorp policy is one of continuous development and improvement in product standards. We reserve the right to amend specifications without notice or obligation.


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